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8. The escape valve

Changes in the social, legal, and economic structure of a country do not come about without pressure. The French Revolution in the 18th century came about by the desperation of the French people subject to oppression. Similarly, the Russian revolution of 1917 was the result of oppression by a few and the suffering by the many.
Revolution, by its most basic definition, is a turnaround or change in conditions, and may be social, political, or technological. The French and Russian revolutions are examples of bloody revolutions. However, revolutions do not need to be bloody upheavals. Many social revolutions have occurred without substantial violence. Examples of this are the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, the religious movement of the Protestant Reformation, and the Industrial Revolution.
A social revolution occurs when ordinary people change the way they think and live. The people who are in power, who prefer the status quo, do not create a social revolution. To start a social revolution, a large number of the ordinary people must be dissatisfied with their social, economic, technological, or religious condition. These people pressure the established structure to change.
The foundation for American societal norms is Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence, the English language, and Northern European customs and religion, even within the Afro-American population. True, most Africans came to this country as slaves. They kept traces of their African legacy, but they acquired the language (English), religion (protestant), habits, and social practices of their enslavers. The Anglo-Saxon majority has provided the substance of the United States culture.
Since the official creation of this country in 1783, there has been a large influx of immigrants to the United States from many countries. Up until the 1980s, these immigrants petitioned for acceptance in the United States. The authorities in the United States would review their petition and, if the immigrant met the requirements, accepted them to come here and become American. They came, learned, and became American.
Hold it! The reader might think: "Immigrants who came to this country in large numbers, such as the Irish, Jews, and the Italian, also went through periods of segregation and discrimination. Eventually, they integrated into American society. What is the difference from those coming from Mexico?"
There are several differences:

1) None of the countries from where these groups came has a border with Mexico.
2) None of these groups lost land to the United States.
3) Most of those immigrants came to the United States legally.
4) Those immigrants did not come in such large numbers in a short period of time.
5) Those immigrants have kept some of their traditions, but have integrated.
6) Those immigrants did not arrive to the Unites States because of intentional dislocation by their government, as it is with Mexico.
7) The government of the countries from where those immigrants came did not receive subsidies from the U.S. taxpayers, as Mexico does.

The evolution of American society and the armed and social revolutions prior to 1980 came as result of internal forces. External forces are causing the changes originating since the 1980s.
To use simple terms, there is an invasion of the United States.
Over 11 million people have come from Latin America uninvited, unchecked, illegal and unrestricted. They come here with the idea that it is their right to come here, and have the United States take care of their needs.
The majority are unwilling to adapt to the American way of life, learn English, learn about our laws . . . and become American. Instead of learning the American ways, they want the United States to learn the Latin-American ways. They have created a nation-within-a-nation. They have their own rules, their own language, and their own culture.

You must become aware that, what we know of as the "American Middle Class" is an endangered species. Please re-read Chapter 5. The Reconquista.

The United States must stop cooperating with the Mexican oligarchy in exploiting its people.
Mexico must have a social revolution!
I already provided sufficient data to prove that Mexico is not a poor country. It has sufficient resources to provide a comfortable living to all its citizens, if it distributes its wealth equitably.
The ruling oligarchy creates poverty on purpose because, as I demonstrated, poverty is profitable for them!
A redistribution of wealth is essential. This can only happen through social revolution.
Social revolution in Mexico does not occur because the people who should provide the pressure required, instead of staying and fighting for their rights, run away to the United States, the escape valve.
They arrive in the United States and start demanding rights in the United States, when the place where they should be demanding rights is Mexico. For example, after the Supreme Court, on June 23, 2016, blocked President Obama’s plan to shield millions of illegal aliens from deportation, illegal aliens and their supporters blocked several streets in various cities in the United States DEMANDING halt to deportations. Preposterous! They are invading the United States and DEMAND, not request, acceptance. Why don’t they DEMAND their rights in their country of origin?
There is an endless stream of impoverished people coming to the United States. The oligarchy in Mexico immediately replaces them with more impoverished people, who will also run away to the United States.
The result is a water-wheel system that collects artificially created poverty in Mexico, and dumps it in the United States continually.
The United States cannot alleviate the poverty in Mexico by absorbing millions of its people. The people of Mexico need to eliminate the reasons for poverty in Mexico!
Every country has the right to control who comes into the country. There is no universal right for immigration. I repeat; immigration is a privilege granted by one people to another people, whether Syrians, Mexicans, or early American colonials.
Open borders do not work. The European Union tried to implement the policy of open borders where you could travel from one end of Europe to the other without the necessity of border inspections and checks. It is now eliminating such policy due to the uncontrolled migration from the Middle East.
If we had open borders with Mexico, how could we control the large influx of immigrants from Central America?
The Mexican government is enforcing its immigration laws against Central Americans on its southern border. For what I have read, the Mexicans enforce these laws in a barbaric way.
Activists make a lot of commotion about the obligation of accepting illegal migrants into the United States. These activists claim that the illegal migrants have the right to come to the Unites States to alleviate their poverty.
The noble sentiments of these activists are misplaced. The United States could probably absorb 11 million undocumented immigrants, but that would not remedy the poverty in Mexico. Creation of poverty will continue, because the societal conditions do not change. The activists are facilitating poverty in Mexico.
A group of people at the California/Mexico border goes out to the desert, and places food and water on the roads for the illegal migrants. This group is just feeding pigeons! They are inviting more illegal immigrants to come.
If the activists and these pigeon feeders are serious about helping the poor people in Mexico, they should demand the rights of Mexicans in Mexico. These activists and pigeon feeders should go to Mexico City, and other large Mexican cities, and demonstrate there!
To use an analogy; you walk into your kitchen and find it flooded because someone left the faucet in the sink open, and the sink overflowed. You grab a mop and start mopping, but leave the faucet open. Mopping will not solve the problem. You must close the faucet first!
Amnesty to the 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the United States will encourage other 11 million more to come. It will be a merry-go-round because poverty in Mexico will not cease, unless a social revolution takes place. The only people that can cause this social revolution is the people negatively affected by the conditions there. Unfortunately, these are the people running away! The oligarchy that controls Mexico does not have any interest in changing conditions.
What to do about illegal immigrants already in the United States?
Definitely not provide blanket amnesty!
Politicians, Democrats and Republicans, cater to the Hispanic vote by endorsing uncontrolled immigration. (You are here; we will make you a citizen, regardless of how you arrived). These politicians are selling out the United States in exchange for votes. This sellout also alienates the immigrants who came here legally.
We must close the escape valve that permits Mexico to exploit its own people. Mexicans themselves are the only ones that can change conditions in Mexico. The United States cannot change them. By taking in Mexico’s poor and uneducated, the United States becomes the co-conspirator of the Mexican oligarchy.
A plan to expel all illegal immigrants is unworkable. The government cannot collect all 11 million people and eject them out of the country. It is not possible. It would be expensive and would create a tremendous economic disruption in the United States, Mexico, and Central America.
In addition, we would encounter a constitutional hurdle. We cannot select certain people and treat them differently based on their country of origin, even if they are illegal.

What do we do, then? ENFORCE THE LAWS that we already have!

We do not need to spend billions of dollars building a fence, which would be a stigma on this country. It would not solve the illegal immigrant problem; they would come anyway, over or under it. In addition, who will build such fence? In 2006, the Federal government fined Golden State Fence Company, of San Diego, California, $5 million for hiring illegal workers to build the fence along the California/Mexico border. This fence is supposed to keep illegal workers out. The Federal government had contracted the Golden State Fence Company. Company owner Melvin Kay admitted to hiring illegal aliens because "this is hard dirty work, and Americans do not want to do it."
Mexicans come here primarily for one reason: to work! The solution is: remove the incentive for Mexicans, or any other illegal alien to come here, or to stay here, illegally!
 • Prosecute and fine their employers.
 • Deny welfare benefits to illegal immigrants.
 • Prosecute and fine those who assist them in these fraudulent acts.
 • Apply the law, as it applies to those who commit crimes, with a strong arm.
 • Deny any federal funds to any sanctuary city.
 • Provide a path to obtain legal residency to those who came here at an age lesser than 15 years old.
 • Establish a definite date after which, anyone who sneaks in the country illegally, is not allowed to obtain legal residency, under any circumstances, ever.
 • Terminate the Merida Initiative. Stop providing U.S. taxpayers’ dollars to the Mexican government. These payments serve only to exploit the Mexican people and augment corruption. I repeat, again;, why should U.S. taxpayers bribe the Mexican government to act in a decent manner?
• Establish a program to allow immigrants to come to the United States legally, temporarily or permanently. Not because they are here already, but because we need them, and we invite them. 
 • Amend the Constitution to make English the official language of the United States. The United States Constitution is silent as to which is the official language of this country. The State of California, under Article 3, subsection 6(b) of its constitution, makes English the official language of California (however, it does not enforce it).
 • Eliminate the permission to take the U.S. citizenship test in Spanish. Under certain circumstances, if you have lived in the United States for over 15 years, the applicant may take the citizenship examination and test in his or her native language.
USCIS - Exceptions.  In my opinion, anyone who has lived in the United States for more than 15 years, had enough time to learn sufficient English to pass such exam. Stop providing citizenship examinations and tests in a language other than English.
 • Stop treating Mexican immigrants like children. Remove the crutches of bilingual education and other special programs that removes the incentive for them to learn English, therefore, keeping them as an underclass forever. Let them evolve! People outside the United States strive to learn English. Mexican immigrants live in the United States. Why don’t they strive to learn English also?
 • Confiscate any remittances of funds from U.S. residents to foreign governments (not to their families). Particularly if they remit funds to a government as corrupt as Mexico’s. My interpretation of Mexico’s Three For One program is: "Three for my pocket (the politician’s), and One for my compadre, who will build a substandard bridge." Mexicans who migrate to the United States should show a little loyalty to the United States, who yanked them out of poverty. They should invest their funds in our infrastructure, which needs it, instead of sending it to their dishonest government. The government that forced them to move here, to start with.
 • Put pressure on our legislators. Who knows, they might surprise us!
We need quality people who understand that, in the United States, law is no just a set of books to adorn a governmental office. The people of the United States, for the most part, obey, respect and enforce the law. If we allow anyone into the United States, regardless of moral and physical quality, we are degrading the quality of the population in the United States!
However, all the actions measured above require political courage. We do not have political leaders that possess the courage needed.
The Democratic Party is dependent on the Hispanic vote to survive. Because of that, the Democratic Party willingly parcels out portions of this country to obtain the Hispanic vote.
The Democratic Party has a vested interest in keeping Hispanics ignorant. Ignorant people are more malleable.
THERE MAY NOT BE A POLITICAL SOLUTION TO THE ILLEGAL WORKER DILEMMA. The politicians may not provide us with a solution. IT IS UP TO EACH AMERICAN TO ACT! When you contract with a business, ask about their hiring methods. Inquire if all their employees are legal to work in the United States. Recently, I hired a contractor to do a small job for my house. I asked him to sign a statement that he does not hire illegal workers and that he carries Workers’ Compensation insurance.
Stop going to Home Depot to pick up day laborers. Inquire about the legal status of your handyman, cleaning personnel, maintenance people, maid, etc. Who cuts your grass? There is nothing wrong with asking, as long as you do the same with everyone, regardless of color or accent. If you try to save money by hiring undocumented workers, you are contributing to the illegal worker problem.

The bottom line is, IF WE WANT TO KEEP ILLEGAL ALIENS OUT OF AMERICA, THEN, AMERICANS MUST BE WILLING TO DO THE HARD WORK THAT ILLEGAL ALIENS DO. If not, we may stop people coming from Mexico, but they will come from somewhere else. The demand exists, and supply responds to demand. It is the oldest economic principle.
My home town of Tijuana is full of immigrants from all over the world: Africa, the Caribbean, South Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America. Their objective is to come to the United States via the border with California.
The United States is in trouble. If the present trend continues, look at Brazil for what the United States will be in the future.
Recently, the Mexican government changed the name of the country. The official name of Mexico was "Mexican United States". The Mexican government changed it to "Mexico".
If the present conditions continue, soon the United States will change its name from "United States of America" to "United States of Mexico".

Thank you for coming this far with me.