Chapter 8. The Escape Valve

All the great countries in the world have one thing in common: They share their wealth among its citizens. Those that do not, are less productive, therefore, poorer.
Mexico has a policy of exclusion. Only certain members of society, as I explained in prior chapters, have access to Mexico’s wealth, which is considerable. Both parts suffer. The dominant oligarchy, and the dominated poor. It is obvious why the poor suffer. It is less obvious how the oligarchy also suffers. They suffer because they cannot enjoy their wealth in serenity. The poverty that surrounds the oligarchy, imprisons it.
Mexico needs change. The oligarchy has to learn to share its wealth with the subjugated.
However, this change will not occur because the oligarchy does not have to change. There is an escape valve that releases the pressure that despairing poverty would exert on Mexico. Torrents of people flood the United States, the intended escape valve.
The United States is an accomplice with the Mexican oligarchy because it receives and pampers the social soldiers who should stay in Mexico and fight for their rights and a share of Mexico’s wealth. America, while it bleeds, also participates in the exploitation of the deprived and ejected Mexican illegal alien, in the form of cheap labor. The labor that Americans do not want to do.
The best way that America could help the poor of Mexico is by closing such escape valve and force the change.
However, as explained in chapter 3, there are interests both in Mexico and in the United States that profit from having illegal aliens come to America.
There is no political solution for the expulsion of eleven million illegal aliens from the United States. The politicians will not do it. A wall is not practical.
This chapter presents several ideas on how we can change the current trend of colonizing America by ejecting the poor from Mexico.
Each American must demand that any entity that provides goods and services prove that they are not using illegal aliens for such purposes.
Of course, we must be ready to do the work ourselves and pay a little more for such goods or services.

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