Chapter 7. But, It Is Not Our fault!

Mexico has wealth, access to two oceans and is blessed with temperate climate.
Mexico is in an enviable geographical location. It is a place destined to be paradise!
Mexico has everything needed to be a first-class country.
Yet, brutal violence, ignorance, extreme poverty (among ostentatious opulence), and injustice predominates.
For the majority of Mexicans, it is obvious. Other countries have abused them. It is not their fault!
It is the fault of the Spanish!
It is the fault of the United States!
Mexicans are unable to look at themselves and ask; what are WE doing wrong?
The inequities that exist in Mexico now are the result of traditions that existed before the Europeans arrived. Most countries have a pyramid-shape societal structure. Many people at the bottom, narrowing towards the top.
However, the Mexica (Aztec) society was obelisk-shaped, a few people on the top, and the overwhelming majority under them, in servitude. When the Spanish arrived, they found a society ripe for exploitation. Just knock off the few people on the top, and take over!
Mexico did not change. The economic and societal structure that existed under the Mexica Empire exists in Mexico today. Mexico’s society is still one of exploitation of the many by the few. This is nothing new in the world. Then, Mexicans should look at themselves and say, "How do we need to change?", instead of projecting the reasons for their failure as a nation and their poverty on someone else.
The Mexican system of justice needs to be, not reformed, but established. Justice does not exist in Mexico. Mexico does not have a jury system. The authorities, at all levels, do not honor personal rights, although personal rights are imbedded in the Mexican constitution.

You cannot improve yourself unless you recognize that, maybe you are doing something wrong. That it might be your fault!

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