Chapter 6. "GIVE ME YOUR TIRED, YOUR POOR, . . .".
(But not your criminals, your parasites, and your drugs.)

Not all Mexicans are created equal!
There are those who choose to come to the United States by following the law. When they arrive, they are already inspired to obey the laws in America.

Those who come illegally, just by that fact, are psychologically motivated not to take the law seriously.
When we get legal immigrants, we get quality people.
If you are educated and are productive in your work, why would you leave Mexico for the United States? Mexicans do not come to the United States for ideological reasons. They come because Mexico, a country with wealth, does not provide them with the means to get ahead, and keeps them at starvation levels.
As a consequence, when we get illegal aliens, we, generally, get the bottom of the barrel. The desperate. The illegal aliens are the people with lesser education, have the worse health, and are less productive. There is no screening for their admission. Anyone that can walk can come across, regardless of their health status, criminal record, or ability to support themselves.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump made some remarks about Mexico not sending its best and about sending us its problems. Is he corrrect?
Yes, Mexico is not sending us its best. What is more, Mexico is not "sending" anybody. Mexico is pushing them towards the United States, therefore, unloading its burden on us. At the same time profiting from it, as explained in prior chapters.

This chapter scrutinizes the statements made by Mr. Trump regarding the problems that illegal aliens bring with them, and the incidence of criminality within the illegal alien population.

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