Chapter 5. The Reconquista

Mexicans, generally, have the certainty that the Southwest of the United States belongs to them, and they plan to get it back!
Recently, the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, threatened war with the United States if the United States does not keep open borders. In prior statements, he has said that Mexicans have the right to migrate to the United States.
Not all the Mexican oligarchy is as infantile as Vicente Fox. They know that a direct military confrontation with the United States, the strongest country in the world, would be irrational. They have concocted a devious method of reconquering the land lost to the United States in the 1800’s. Flood America with as many Mexicans as possible! Preferably the poorest ones, who reproduce at a high rate. Mexico has the resources to create a strong middle class. It refuses to do so. Instead, it continues to create desperate conditions that force its citizen to leave Mexico for the United States.
Mexicans are very good workers. Unfortunately, they do not come to the United States to become Americans. They bring Mexico with them and pretend to convert America into Mexico. They place the Mexican flag above the American flag. Why do they carry Mexican flags in their political demonstrations? Why does the police force of Calexico, in the United States, paid by American taxpayers, wear a Mexican flag on its uniform?

This chapter explains the various devious methods that the Mexican oligarchy has created to colonize America. Entire towns are transferred to the United States to create a colony here. This is the same method used by the Greeks of antiquity to colonize Asia Minor.
It is not a delusion. The Reconquista has started!

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CIRCA 2075 C.E.

In 1960, the Mexico-born population in the United States was 576,000; by 2010, it was estimated at 11,700,000.
An increase of 1,931.25% (you read it right). At the current rate of increase Mexicans will be the majority in the United States soon!