Chapter 3. Migration and Economic Domination

Mexico has sufficient wealth and intellectual capacity to create a strong middle class and provide its citizens with a suitable standard of living. However, the oligarchy that controls Mexico will not accept such change in conditions. It will not allow a middle class to exist. It is to its advantage that poverty persists. Furthermore, the oligarchy purposely creates, or you may say, "manufactures" poverty, for exportation to the United States.
A few monopolistic groups dominate the Mexican economy. For every Mexican that leaves Mexico for the United States, these monopolies profit. Particularly the monopolies controlled by Carlos Slim (family name Salim). The more Mexicans move to the United States, the more they profit. This economic domination places Mexicans in a despairing condition that compels them to leave their home, family, and friends, for the United States.
The attraction of the American Dream is not what entices Mexicans to migrate to the United States. This migration is driven by the Mexican oligarchy for lucrative and political reasons. Chapter 4 explains the lucrative reasons; chapter 5 explains the political reasons.
Mexicans are not coming; they are pushed out by desperation. A desperation created by the Mexican oligarchy expecting to profit from the dislocation of poor Mexicans.
The immigrant population from Mexico increased from 576,000 in 1960, to 11,711,000 in 2010. A 1,931-percentage increase. The wealth of Carlos Slim increased from 6.1 billion in 1996 to 77.1 billion in 2015, a 1,164-percentage increase.
There is a correlation between the increase in Mexicans migrating to the United States and the increase in wealth of Carlos Slim. Chapter 4 explains why.
The exportation of poverty from Mexico to the United States is so lucrative to the Mexican oligarchy that when two Republican candidates vowed to stop illegal immigration from Mexico and to deport illegal aliens, the ex-president of Mexico, Vicente Fox - a privileged member of this oligarchy - threatened war against the United States.

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