Bleeding America!!!.

Most Americans are aware that the involvement in the Middle East and other "overseas" ventures are draining the wealth of the United States of America.
But most Americans are not aware that the largest drain of the wealth from the United States, and the biggest threat to the American way of life is here, on the American continent.

The liberal elements in the United States clamor for the acceptance of all the poor people from Mexico into our country. "We have to help this poor country", is their battle cry.

Yet, Mexico is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. There is a lot of poverty in Mexico. However, Mexico is not a poor country.

A few wealthy individuals control the country and create poverty purposely, with the intention to export it to the United States. Poverty is Mexico's most profitable export, enabling Mexico to bleed out billions of U.S. taxpayers’ dollars from the United States for the benefit of a few Mexican tycoons.

This website reveals schemes that the average American taxpayer is not aware of, and the danger that the United States faces from uncontrolled and illegal immigration.

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1. Our Wealthy Neighbor.
2. Mexico is not a democracy.
3. Migration and Economic Domination.
4. The profits in poverty.
5. The Reconquista.
6. "Give me your tired, your poor. . .", but not
    your criminals, parasites, and your drugs.

7. But, it is not our fault!
8. The escape valve.

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